Monday, January 8, 2018

bubbles tasting

it's no secret my love for bubbles. to me, they are the glitter of cocktails, and can add an extra omph to any occasion. so when i heard en croute was having a tasting, i just knew it was perfect for a bestie date with alex. 

plus, i'd always been curious to learn more about what i liked or disliked in bubbles. since i hadn't had an opportunity to sort through it, this seemed the perfect way to do so.  

[tasties for snacking]

during our tasting we learned about the different processing techniques in the making of bubbles, grapes used, and several random fun bubble factoids along the way. meanwhile, we sampled four different types of bubbles: cava (from spain), prosecco (from italy), california sparkling (from cali, obviously), and champagne (from the champagne region in france). 

post-tasting, i found my least favorite to be california sparkling, and my absolute favorite to be champagne (surprise, surprise). but, my runner-up for first place turned out to be the cava. fun fact, we learned that cava, palate-wise, is the most like champagne. so, if you want to sip champagne without the hefty price tag, go with cava! the prosecco we sampled was also really great. perfect for sipping on its own, or could be paired with food. 

[that bubbles glow]

after our tasting, alex and i grabbed dinner and a couple of their seasonal cocktails while we got caught up. it was the perfect way to end such a lovely experience, and we already can't wait for another tasting. 

thanks again en croute!

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