Wednesday, April 15, 2015

life, according to my iphone...

[midday shadows; springtime stormin' in ok]
happy hump day everyone! i've got a little pep in my step, blogwise, because i got my computer back!...sort of. my old computer officially died but, my dad was able to pull the hard drive over to my new one (thanks dad!!). so, it finally feels like things are getting back to normal which means i can now breathe a sigh of relief. phew!
have a great one!

[the boys and their favorite toy; okc exploring]

[dance snapshots; bloody mary with all the goodies]

[freshly made pesto; sunny reflections]

[easter goodies; my HK-themed basket!]

[fresh spring greenery; it certainly is!]

[post-yoga bliss; dinner al fresco]

[afternoon light; sweet gift from a friend]

[curly braid crown; fresh mojitos]

[hump day donut; the most delicious icebox cake]

[AT home; secret garden colorings]

[mason jar salads, they actually work!; can't help but spoil these two]

[soothing oolong; springtime is the best time for rose]

[occupied; nighttime cordials at my parents']

[a cocktail with a mini donut? yes please; keeping dry in a spring shower]

[saturday manis; he really, really wants that cheese]

[orange chicken; grilled delights]

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