Wednesday, April 29, 2015

nmf 8

[deus eyeslow]
it's that time of year again for, you guessed it, norman music festival! a weekend filled with bands, food, shops, and lots and lots of walking. thankfully, days of rain and overcast cleared up just in time for gorgeous was a great weekend to say the least.
for the weekend, we played host to our friends tom & leslie, and m&j. since they both live outside of norman, they needed a place to post up, and we were more than happy to have them over. so, before we ventured out for that night's fun, T and i whipped up some of my famous fried chicken and mac 'n cheese. it was too delicious, and the perfect jumping off point for the weekend to come.

[em and the mother superiors]

[funky-fun impromptu rave]


breakfast burrito wake-up call with a side of funny stories from the night before. delicious and hilarious. then, back out to the festival we went...

[thirst quencher]


[bruce break from the festival - necessary]
the heat started to get to us so, we walked back to the house to cool off, eat, and get ready for day two, round two!

[busy reflections]

[natalie prass]

[ra ra riot]

[blurry but, cute]

[starwasher death]

this year's personal favorites:
deus eyeslow (good rec tom & leslie!), starwasher death, dewey binns, josh sallee, and beau jennings & the tigers.
[all the carbs]

breakfast at, my personal favorite, the diner, with another recap before our guests headed back home. then, icy-hot for the legs (they were so sore), lotion to soothe my shoulders (they got a little extra rays), and a nap (for obvious reasons).  
we had such a great time as always, and loved getting to meet up with so many of our friends over the weekend. until next year norman!

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