Wednesday, April 8, 2015

awesome and awkward

[sunny reflections]
  • not too long ago, boba was napping near me. as he moved his nose to lay on my foot, he started wagging his his sleep. it was pretty adorable.
  • recently, i picked up rachel brathen's new book and i cannot wait to crack into it!
  • have any of you watched the americans or lip sync battle? T and i cannot get enough of either.

  •  last week, i went to the gas station to fill up the car and accidently pulled up on the wrong side. then, when i realized my mistake, got out to explain to a complete stranger that i constantly do this. he could not have been more confused by me...or why i felt the need to explain myself. 
  • as i packed up my things at the end of the work day, my boss came in my office to chit chat. since i wasn't paying much attention, i didn't realize until he walked away that i put my open coffee mug into my bag which was emptying out onto the looked and sounded like i peed. (i didn't for the record)

[fresh leaves from our new trees]

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