Friday, November 6, 2015

fall fest

an adorable fall festival filled with kid-like spooky fun? of course i'm there! i've never been one for haunted houses, zombie runs, or nighttime corn mazes...i simply scare too easy and don't get a kick out of the sensation. but, "kid-version" scary is, and probably will always be, up my alley. and while T and i don't have kids on our mind yet, we still got a kick out of all the activities. 

[trick or treating]

[oops! got caught ;)]

also, i'd be lying if i said i wasn't super excited to see the new inflatables...king kong had to be my favorite of this year's bunch followed by the kraken. i can't be the only one that wishes they had adult-sized versions of these, right?

[that moment when you hear, "cotton candy", and everything else is a blur]

[carnival games, above and below]

[hands down, best costumes of the year]

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