Monday, November 2, 2015


i hope everyone had a spook-tacular holiday weekend. T and i had such a great time getting into character for our costumes, snacking on bite-sized candy, and partaking in a halloween movie marathon.   

[what a stinker!]

oh, and what were we dressed as, you may ask? we were pepe le pew and penelope pussycat from looney tunes. our dynamite costumes were made by my sweet m.i.l, who is a wiz with her sewing machine. i swear, i feel like she gets more excited for our costume ideas than we do.

  [hanging with a witch and she-ra]

[funky chicken]

our first fiesta on friday had, by far, the creepiest decor...every room had a theme, including dexter's kill room. between the spiked homemade cider, karaoke, and animal costume dance-off, it was a great way to kick off the weekend.


saturday, we started over at m&js to watch hocus pocus, cook out, and see all the cute trick-or-treaters. plus, i just couldn't wait to see what chuck (the boxer) and bruce (the pug) would be dressed up as.

[twin pumpkins keeping watch]

then, T and i headed over to alex and larry's shindig where we were promptly greeted by the rufferee and coach canine ;)

[brian! we miss you but, were so happy we got to see you, even if it is for a quick visit]

["lucy! you got some explaining to do!"]

[our hosts: trump's dream for america and donald trump, himself]

one of my favorite things about alex and larry's annual party is how inventive and hilarious the costumes are. my personal favorites were the nun and male cersei from game of thrones (they reenacted the "shame!" scene), as well as woody and raggedy ann. plus, the party snacks are always tasty.  

[party pic]

halloween, thanks for always treating us to such a enjoyable time while ushering us into the holiday season. you will always be near and dear to us, and we've already starting thinking of costumes for next year!

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