Wednesday, November 11, 2015

pumpkin stew

the post-halloween, pre-christmas slump can only be cured by one thing...homemade stew made in pumpkin bowls. i first made this recipe several years ago and completely forgot about it until T requested it. and while the recipe itself is pretty involved, it is well worth it. to whip up the recipe yourself, click here. my sole change was to use only pearl onions or leeks as it becomes a bit too onion-y and overshadowed the other flavors when both were used. now, on to goods!

[hollowed out orange beauties]

tips to cut down on time when making the actual stew (if you have enough time to plan): 
  • cut all your veggies in advance. there's a lot that goes into the physical stew so, this one will really help. 
  • soak the dried navy beans in water overnight. this way, you aren't trying to remember to do it before you go to work aka forget to do it and scramble when you get back. 
  • cut and clean the pumpkins in advance. enough said. make sure to wrap them (tops on) with cellophane to stop them from turning. 

since the recipe makes so much food, i waited until my parents came down last weekend to make it. to say they were fans would be quite the understatement. ;)

[table's all set]

[sorry this one isn't in focus, hunger took over]

such a delicious meal (especially with those softened bits of pumpkin mixed in), such great company, and the perfect cure for those mid-holiday blues.

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