Friday, April 8, 2016

the present

[toes up]

i'm sure i'm not alone in this, but i often have a hard time being in the present. more often than not, i am thinking about what i need to remember to do, what the next day's (or weekend's) plans are, and even what i need to do the next moment. in an effort to try to be more in the here and right now, here's what's happening (thursday after work)...

the windows and back patio door are open, letting the cool spring breeze in while making the tree branches sway just a little. i'm currently looking at our table plants inch further and further up from their planter while typing on my laptop. the evening sun is streaming through the windows and has softened the butter i have out waiting to be mixed into cookies. and my phone is playing my favorite brazilian music mix. outside, T is playing fetch with the pups, and boba has a lot to say about it. this moment feels so precious and so fleeting. even though part of me wants it to linger just a little longer, i know i need to just relax and enjoy. 

i take a sip of my margarita, and toast to this moment for while it is short, it was so very dear to me. have a great weekend, and don't forget to savor the present. 

[post-yoga bliss]

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