Monday, August 8, 2016

weekend away

have you ever had one of those weeks that gets away from you? it's not often T and i's workdays and are completely full in the office and at home, but last week proved to be one of those times. well, thankfully, things are a little less chaotic this week so we are back to your regularly scheduled blog post :)

a few weekends ago, T and i drove up to tulsa to see some of our family and friends who live in the area. here's what we were up to...

[checking out a new (to us) restaurant]

my mom and i drove out to porter to check out the peach festival. as it was the 50th anniversary of the town's festival, they decided to go for the world record for largest peach cobbler. 

[happy 50th!]

[peach slush]

the festival was hot, of course, but the peaches were more than worth it. plus, the town surpassed the past record for the cobbler by a whopping 651 lbs. 

[steak tasting at family dinner]

then, got to visit with a couple of relatives who were in from colorado while snacking on peach-themed treats. 

[jamming to our friend's band]

later that night, we met up with our friends candle (candace + daniel) to finally see daniel's band, the sex. if you are in the mood to be seriously entertained while boogieing your pants off...this is the band for you. seriously, they're so good!

[one of my favorites, ever]

[urban gardening]

our visits, while short, are always extremely fun and full. can't wait until we're back again!

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