Wednesday, August 17, 2016

here and there

[the last of our mexican wine]

i recently heard somewhere that when social media is quiet, it's because life is loud. this really resonated with me. not to say that i primarily blog when things are boring or uneventful, but that social media (i.e. blogging) gets put on the back burner when things get hectic. this next month+ will prove to be very busy on the work/life front. so, apologies in advance for the somewhat sporadic blogging schedule. but, to try to balance between the two, i thought i'd share a few photos from what i've been up to lately. enjoy!

[T's inventive dinner - yum]

[hint: don't leave]

[little surfer]

[ramen with the gang, of course]

[drinks for a friend's 30th]

[late night snacking on bobo's chicken!]

[pup cuddles]

[family dinner]

[savoring the most delicious pie]

[ground view]

[sunset viewing]

[birthday desserts]

[trial and error with parsley]

[blanching all the peaches]

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