Friday, July 29, 2016

awesome and awkward

[care package goods]

  • awhile back, i got a sweetly-timed okie care package from my dad (see above). without knowing it, he'd been collecting all kinds of goodies related to my beloved home state. everything from maps to different orchards and farms to rhythm and blues trails separated by music genre to state parks. it even has a classic road map of the state! it's probably one of the best snail mail deliveries i've ever received and i'm so excited to work my way through it. 
  • last friday, T and i finally finished the new netflix series stranger things. if you are on the fence or thinking, "i'll get to it after ___", make sure to bump it to the top of your queue. it is well-worth it, and it will take you on quite the journey. we can't wait for season two.
  • i've recently found a few favorites in flavors - mango and lime popsicle dipped in chili powder, key lime greek yogurt, and coconut greek yogurt with chunks of pineapple.  
  • while on lunch, i picked up a popsicle from a shop nearby to snack on while walking back to the office. being that it is the middle of summer, it started melting everywhere so i tried slurping it up as quick as i could. right then, a girl walked up to me to ask where a nearby building was. i could barely answer her questions without drooling or spilling sticky fruit juice everywhere. 
  • on a particularly long day, i went to pick up a little late lunch for T and i. upon walking in the shop, the gentleman asks if i'd like a water. i told him, "no, i'm just this sweaty all the time". he looked confused, and i realized he'd only asked just because...and not due to the fact that i was hot.

[family dinner]

[window blooms]


["only you can prevent forest fires"]

[the moment our friend found out she won her election]

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