Friday, September 30, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[weekend catch up over breakfast]

this weekend looks to be a pretty great one...first, i get to see an old friend (who i absolutely adore) for my first massage therapy appointment. then, T and i are whipping up a delicious fall-themed dinner with his parents, we get to see rob + heather for a brief trip to dallas, and a dear friend gets to say 'i do' to her one and only. it's a weekend filled with some pretty great people in our life. here's to hoping yours is filled with those you love too. 

[boba's person; cravings recipes]

[decisions, decisions; keeping busy]

[an intense game; comfort food, revised]

[such a hunk; post-storm sunshine]

[mexican pizza and nachos]

[mojito pie, yum; family dinner]

[show and tell with wine; girls night dessert]

[varying cocktail hours]

[mid-yoga distractions; family brunch]

[late night snacking; mid-swing bliss]

[fresh perspective; jungle gym king]

[birthday celebration for T; comfort food, revisited]

[neon workouts; impromptu vet appt for my sweet wolf]

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