Friday, September 16, 2016

shades of blue

for some time now (as in years and months in the making), i've been working on getting more comfortable in my own skin. whether that is improving my inner dialogue (which is my harshest critic), or shifting my perspective from how my body looks to what it actually does. so much of what would play mentally would be based off of how i felt i should look. but, i realized over time, our bodies are so much more capable than how they look. so, i've been working on building strength...simple as that. not for any competition, not to make a big comparison of "how much i've changed" via social media, but to make improvements because i wanted/needed to. 

somewhere along the way though, it finally clicked that the inner dialogue and views i had needed to stop. compassion for others is nothing if yourself is not included. 

not to say it's perfect, or that i'm not still working on it...but i am starting to feel, ever so slightly, a positive change. 

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