Friday, October 13, 2017

i do (celebrate)

[my gorgeous bouquet from T]

with our three year anniversary being in the middle of the week (last week), T and i decided to split up our celebrations. the first half would be celebrated with a concert by one of T's favorite bands, and the second half would be celebrated with the classic dinner date over the weekend.  

the night of our anniversary, we met up with some friends to see the kings of leon play. our group was a great mix of first time kol concert goers (me), and seasoned veterans (T). i was so excited to find out the opening act would be a band we saw earlier in the year - dawes. they put on such a great show the first time we saw them, so i couldn't wait to get a chance to hear them again.  

[the guys, minus tripp and rudy]

[dawes, i love you so much]

[waiting in between shows]

then, kings of leon came on and completely blew me out of the water. they put on such a good show, and i even shocked myself at how many songs i knew. plus, it was fun boogieing away with T and the guys. 

later that week, T and i got dolled up and set out for an indulgent treat of a dinner. everything about it, from the atmosphere, the service, the food...omg, the food (!!), the selection of wine we had, to just having a night alone tucked away in a booth with my husband was divine. i was a happy girl to say the least. 

[our champagne (rosé for T) toast]


[i will dream about this eggy bread pudding for awhile]

another great anniversary celebration in the books, and here's to many more :)

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