Wednesday, October 25, 2017

chocolat dinner party

this past weekend, T and i hosted our second annual themed dinner party. after having such a lovely experience with our first gathering, we couldn't have been more excited to host once again. our inspiration for this year's theme came from the movie chocolat. this meaning that our food would one, incorporate chocolate (in some fashion) into each course, and two, would be a combination of french and mayan cuisine (much like the main character's take on food in the movie). 

in order to find courses that fit our theme, i took to pinterest searching high and low until i stumbled onto recipes i felt would perfectly encapsulate what we were going for. i can't say it was easy, but oh my goodness, was it absolutely worth it!

[my date, and co-chef/host]

[mid-storytelling and jokes]

[the ladies]

our dress and overall theme was paris in the late 1950s/early 1960s. so all our guests dressed in their time-themed pieces, brought over some french wines for sharing, and were ready for a night to remember. 

[the gents]

not only did our courses taste delicious, but they paired amazingly well with the wines our friends brought. it couldn't have been more perfect of a pairing than if i planned it that way. 

[the classic themed dance party mid-dinner]

and while you can't tell from these photos, there was an intense storm brewing outside during the party. so intense, that at one point, we actually had to pause the dinner party, and head to our storm shelter to wait it out. we of course brought wine to keep us company, and had a good laugh about the whole experience. once the tornado had passed through, we pressed play on the party, and got back to feasting and sipping wines. 

it was such a magical night, and while i never expected top last year's fun, this one seamlessly blew it out of the water and then some. i couldn't have been more in love with the entire night, and truly love our friends who are always game for a good themed party ;)

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