Wednesday, October 11, 2017

gals date

after a particularly difficult work week, what better way to hit the reset button then to have a little local date with my gal pal jana. she'd had a pretty rough week too, so our night out seemed to be the at the perfect timing. 

our most recent gals dates have had a reoccurring theme starting with pedicures for a little r+r, and some kind of asian-themed noodle for dinner. to keep with our pedi theme, we thought we'd try out the newly opened well beauty studio. their concept is to provide quality services with a thoughtful approach to green beauty aka no funny chemical smells, and products that truly benefit the skin. the added bonus was that one of our nail techs is an esthetician and gave us loads of great info on skincare. we loved our experience there.

[barn door inspiration]

[happy, and well-treated toes]

next stop, dinner over ramen and cocktails. we got to sample some of the new cocktails featured on goro's menu, and have some well-needed venting. between the amazing pedicure, and the conversation, by the end of the night, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of me. don't you just love how loved ones can do that? 

[cozy patio lounging]

[cocktail-ramen pairings]

[coconut and coffee + cream]

lastly, we took a walk through the plaza district to view some of the murals in progress for the upcoming plaza festival. the mural above was my personal favorite. 

perfectly reset and recharged, we were both ready to crack into our weekend plans. until our next gals date :)

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