Wednesday, February 7, 2018

awesome & awkward

[mother-daughter time]

  • on a quick trip back home, my parents and i wandered into a cute little local shop. while my dad visited with the shop owner, my mom and i couldn't contain our laughter over their hilarious greeting cards. we created quite the scene as the two of us were giggling so hard we were practically in tears. i secretly wanted to by their entire stock right then.
  • last week, T and i started our day off by getting to see the super blue blood moon. it was such a cool experience which was made even better that we got to view it from inside our house! plus, can you believe the last occurrence was in 1866?
  • occasionally i'll catch solo watching tv or movies for a few seconds, but can't ever figure out what he likes to see. that is until i watched how the grinch stole christmas - he couldn't turn away! i'm guessing it's all the movement and crazy sound effects jim carrey makes. 

  • a couple of weeks ago, we took boba to the vet for a problem with two nails that needed to be removed. when we brought our very drugged boy home, he could not have been more confused and lost. he even got stuck under the dining table (see pic below) was equal parts pathetic and adorable. thankfully, our grumpy boy is back to normal and can find his way from underneath tables :)
  • on a recent flight back home, our flight attendant was going through the typical safety speech when he got to the portion about what to do with children. right then, he paused and said, "why??...just kidding" and continued on. i thought his sass was hilarious, but unfortunately no one else laughed. he later followed it up with, "alright folks, enjoy your flight...or don't". 

[hitting the skating rink for michael's birthday]

[the sweetest surprise delivery from one of my dearest friends]

[poor drugged boba stuck under the dining table]

[the cutest wounded pup]

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