Monday, February 19, 2018


[smells like fruity loops]

T and i finally got around to seeing a few movies and tv shows we'd been wanting to check out. oddly enough, each of them were thought-provoking in their own way. if you get the chance/time, please check out: 
  • altered carbon - a murder mystery set in the future where people are digitized and stored (the internal selves and their body). it brought to light a lot of ideas about the concepts of death and the soul as well as a plethora of ethical issues. it was so, so good.
  • colonia - emma watson plays a woman who's boyfriend is captured by a well-connected cult called colonia dignidad who are known for torturing and killing those against the chilean military coup of 1973. in order to save him, she joins the cult in hopes of finding him and escaping. this movie was incredibly intense, and based on true events that occurred in chile. it was an emotional, nerve-racking ride and i can't recommend it enough. 
  • when we first met - a hilarious rom-com that takes a step off of the beaten path in learning about fate, love, and how interconnected we are. for once, a rom-com about a girl falling for the wrong guy that doesn't follow the standard refreshing, goofy, and sweet. even T liked it!

[cozy soup for cold days]

[the kindest reminder from my soul sisters]

[ice cream break]

[saying goodbye to my favorite guide dog who was retiring]

[the most delicious morning bun]

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