Wednesday, April 4, 2018

ziplining in ok

a couple of weekends back, my dad set us up for a ziplining tour to celebrate his birthday. it was his, my mom's, and brother's first time to zipline and what better place to do it than at T and i's wedding venue!

you heard me right, T and i's wedding venue has a zipline tour on the grounds. how cool is that? it was so wild to be back at postoak since the last time we were there, we were getting hitched. on the drive there, T said, i remember the last time we were driving here, you were way more stressed about all the things you had to get done. he was SO right. that to-do list seemed to never end. then, we were married, we snapped photos, we partied, we after-partied, then we left crazy early the next morning for our mexican honeymoon. it was intense and wild and beautiful. but, back to the zipline :)

[going through all the instructions]

the weather was supposed to be sunny, springtime temps and perfect for zipping through the trees. what we unfortunately got was frigid winds with intermittent sun. not ideal zipling weather, but at the same time, nothing makes you forget your fears about letting go than that oklahoma wind! 

[see ya T]

[mom coming in fast]

[downtown tulsa in the distance]

honestly, even with the cold, the tour was so unbelievably fun. i view it as an upgraded roller coaster-slide combo with a hint of feeling like a action star...aka all fun and a great way to celebrate another year around the sun for my sweet dad. 

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