Friday, April 13, 2018

awesome & awkward

[cheers to mini reunions]

awesome (movie-themed):
  • like so many i know, i loved the black panther movie. the soundtrack by kendrick lamar, the costumes, the hair, the character development and storyline...incredible. did anyone else tear up at killmonger's story? i cannot wait to see it again.
  • T and i finally saw the latest jumanji movie and it has made my love for jack black triple. he killed it at playing a self-absorbed teenager obsessed with her phone. #yassqueen
  • while i absolutely love wonder woman, after watching the justice league, i've become a huge fan of the flash. the character was hilarious, and i love his awkward commentary. 

  • a couple of weekends back, T and i were having dinner at m+j's and in the middle of conversation i took a bite out of a jalapeno popper. prior to the bite, michael stated he wasn't too sure these peppers would be hot at all. so, i took a big bite thinking i'd be safe...i could not have been more wrong. my eyes got huge, i started tearing up, and began chugging water before quickly switching to milk. it took awhile before i could easily talk and eat again. oops. 

[guinness stout cake with two icings]

[spiced up margies]

[gelato break]

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