Sunday, January 29, 2012

a day at the dog park

the weather today was pretty great and seemed a great day to take boba to the doggie park so we loaded him up in the car, leash in tow and headed out to meet some new pups!

[i took this photo of our shadows by complete accident trying to catch boba playing but kinda like it]

[boba liked hanging around this gang of fellow black pups]

[this older scottie seemed to really like him]

[you can't see his face or hear his whine but he was upset we were leaving]

it was a very good day to be a pup at the dog park. boba loved it to say the least and felt it was his personal duty to greet each dog that came in and out with sniff checks and licks. it was pretty cute. he then spent the rest of the time running around with the other dogs like a wildman which was fine until T had to take off after him when we saw he was too interested in another dog pooping to notice he was about to get poop on his own nose. ick! don't worry, no pooping on the nose occurred...T made it in time, phew! but we did think it was probably a good time to call it a day. so we packed up and started to head home but not before i caught this hilarious photo of our pup...i think it says he had the best day. hope yours was too! 

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