Monday, March 5, 2012

the exception

the saying goes for every rule there's an exception to that rule and i suppose the same goes for me on occasion because i recently broke one of mine. eep! which you may ask? my 'no cream cheese frosting rule'. i know for any of you who are major fans you are gasping in shock and thinking of how much you love it but for some reason i was never on the band wagon. i love an occasion that calls for cake but the one thing that quickly turns me away is that frosting. agh, we just do not click. but, i suppose i found the exception to this one rule recently. for one of T's valentine's day gifts i baked him (and some of my co-workers) valentine's day themed cupcakes. the cake base was strawberry which as much as i love can be a little much. normally i would whip up some buttercream frosting to go with it but it seemed it would make these utterly unedible past the first bite from being too sweet. SO upon further searching the plethera of options, i finally decided (with dispair) to make cream cheese frosting. boo. i was so upset with myself even as i put them on each cupcake but then something amazing happened as i took a bite. it was pretty great and kind of the perfect compliment to the sweet strawberry....i loved it! now i wouldn't say that i have completely changed my mind but at least for a moment i've become a mini fan :)

happy monday!

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