Wednesday, March 21, 2012

over the weekend

friday night T and i made our way over to our neighborhood deli for some yummy pulled pork sandwiches and a little local musical delight. the person featured below is a homegrown tomato by the name of camille harp who has a way with writing songs and a folky rasp to her voice. i kind of have something of a girl crush on her and you would too if you heard her. plus i always love a fellow curly girl ;)

then sunday we made our way to tulsa to see a sweet indie band by the name of edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. i have been dying to see them in concert and even though it meant we had to drive there and back (same, it was worth it!

we first stopped at my favorite mexi restaurant el guapo for some margies and food with my parents. if you are EVER in tulsa you must go there. and please sit on their rooftop's the jam.

yum! and then off to cain's...

he's just the greatest :) i also loved the pregger mom standing behind us at the concert. kudos!

blurry photo and sadly the only close photo of the band i took since T and i danced the whole time. so much fun and worth the late night arrival back home/the SUPER sleepy morning following after. love them :)

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