Monday, May 28, 2012

family celebrations

after spending the day jamming at mayfest T, my mom and i met up with my brother and dad at my cousin's house for a family cook-out to celebrate her son, josh's, graduation from high school!! (that's him in the blue shirt..ready for next fall at OU)

we all gathered around after yummy food to watch him open up his grad gifts and crack a couple of grad jokes :)

then my little cousin lyla decided to pay peek-a-boo with us, which was pretty funny to watch until she realized i was not playing along. then i of course needed to drop my camera and play along :)


the next morning before T and i headed back, we celebrated mother's day with some amazing mini creations my parents made for us to try. seriously amazing! i really think the day my parents make something that tastes terrible is the day i hate ice cream...and i love ice cream for the record so that day will never come :)

mmm...i've been dreaming of this combo ever since!

it was of course followed by gifts for my momma and grandma stephanie as well as some great storytelling and laughs. moments like these are what always make me miss home and get excited to return!

between all of the family time and mayfest, it was a fun, busy-bee of a weekend and i loved it!
happy monday!

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