Thursday, May 17, 2012


[T and i had an impromptu dinner al fresco and one of our local favorites]  

so the past week+ has been some what of a crazy whirlwind a good way though! so i figured i would give a photo recap of our life lately :)

[we fell in love with little solo..especially me :)]

[T and i enjoyed a director-like viewing of a new summer flick]

[i whipped up my favorite pesto-filled chicken recipe..mmm]

[i tried oysters for the first time and LOVE them]

[my sweet friend indulged my daring interest and we had a girlie catch-up. love.]

[solo found his new favorite place to nap. i didn't mind too much.]

[we spent mother's day with T's family and i witnessed one of the sweetest moments ever...seriously, even i teared up]

[i baked an old childhood favorite]

[i had gotten a stomach bug and found peppermint tea was my only relief]

[boba and solo have found new sweet ways for us to love them even more]

[we found a new way to kick up summertime adding in frozen peaches. yumm.]

[boba helped supervise solo's first bath]

[we cheered on big boy moments with solo]

[and we took advantage of recipes using prosciutto and asparagus...a dream of flavors]

this weekend we are excited to head off to tulsa to celebrate mother's day with my family and check out mayfest/blue dome art festival. for those who don't know, these two festivals are held in downtown tulsa less than a block away from each other. it's kind of amazing and we can't wait! (i especially can't wait to see my family!)

happy weekend!


  1. Pesto filled chicken? share this recipe please!!!

  2. the original recipe via rachael ray is from her look+cook book but i found the online version - check it out!

    i am sure you will love it!!



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