Friday, June 22, 2012

life according to my iphone

[my sweet puppy playing with his 'stick' and some pretty flowers T picked for me]

[first photo of little solo and my favorite sunday ritual]

[first snapshot of a balmy summer night and our first summery bonfire]

[solo following his big brother around and the first time taking solo home]

[enjoying some homemade treats and a photo with my favorite]

[cucumber margies to keep cool and our first grill out to start the season]

[quality time with my pretty boba and checking out some local music]

[little solo's now green eyes and wet pup tracks on campus]

[an impromtu rendevous at a friend's home with T for aperitifs and pup love]

[a snapshot of our growing pup from a couple weeks ago and the late blooms from our vines]

a little catch-up to kick off the weekend through iphone photos via myself (and T!)
happy friday!

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