Wednesday, December 18, 2013


[our xmas tree light installation]
happy hump day everyone! here are my favorites from the past month including the christmas light installation T and i made in our house. it is probably one of my favorite ideas we've brought to life as well as being one of the easiest. and don't tell anyone but, the star is made from aluminum foil. cool, huh?! i'm thinking light installations may become a new creative outlet for us in the future since we had so much fun working on it together.

[a very festive looking boba]

[winter weather sangrias a brewin]

[falling leaves and warm layers]

[the first permafrost of the season]

[watching winter storms blow through]

[oxblood + red]

[stylish winter succulents]

[pumpkin streusel muffins]

[thick, ominous morning fog]

[the sweetest snoozing puppy...snores and all]

[exploring after a fresh snow flurry]

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