Monday, October 31, 2016

halloween weekend

wow, these past couple of weeks have flown by quicker than usual! between work keeping us both busier than ever, and our weekends locked in with plans, there's been no time to blog. and, believe me, i've been missing it something fierce. 

to kick things back off on the right foot, i thought a festive recap from the holiday weekend was due. enjoy, and happy halloween!

friday night, T and i rode our bikes to check out the fall festival on main street. i just love seeing all the adorable costumes and festive flair. i'm a complete sucker for original costume ideas. my favorite pics this year were baby dracula sitting in his stroller decorated as a casket, and toddler rey from star wars. 

[taco break]

then, we ventured out to a local wine bar with friends to enjoy the fall-like night. it was perfect.

[such a great night]

the next day, we took a road trip with m+j out to reding farms to see if we could best their corn maze. we'd heard they came up with a special design for their 50th anniversary, and were all too curious to take a peek. 

[the wings]


[let's check it out!]

of course T and michael tried to run ahead so they could sneak up and scare jana and i. but, they only managed to successfully sneak up on each other (see above). thank goodness i've gotten good at spotting T quickly!

after conquering the maze, we took a hayride through the fields, snacked on some delicious bbq sandwiches, and headed back home. 


[bugs bunny, and elmer fudd]

later that night, we sipped on some of my spiked apple cider (delicious, if i don't say so myself), got into our costumes, and headed out for a little halloween fun. it was such a blast, and i couldn't have been happier with the company. 

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