Friday, December 6, 2013

getting in the spirit

like most, i love christmastime. it's like there is something in the wind that makes everyone extra cheery...with all the twinkle lights, glittering decor, and excitement for time with loved ones. it's nothing short of magical.
to kick off the festivities, T and i went to the holiday lighting celebration on campus where we got to learn a bit more about christmas, as well as the traditions in the muslim and jewish faiths. we were also treated to some caroling, hot chocolate, and the lighting of the menorah and christmas tree.

then, santa paid a visit!! and, i witnessed quite possibly the cutest moment ever. T's boss had given her daughter's wish list to santa and when she met ole st. nick, he went over it with her. he said he wanted to make sure he understood everything she asked for and to thank her for sending her note. she was a little starstruck to say the least. i practically squealed, i was so ecstatic.

[this is the best time of year, it really is]

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