Wednesday, December 11, 2013

dots and stripes

sometimes, gray, snowed-in days can get the best of you. at first, you're thrilled because of snow days off from work, getting to see the gorgeous flurries stick to the ground, and starting epic snow ball fights. but then, reality sets in when you have to go back to the normal M-F work week. getting dressed isn't nearly as fun since you now have to layer up, you can't leave without all your winter accesories, and getting out becomes a big inconvenience. i like to think of it as the winter blues.
to help add a little pizzazz to such dreary weather, i like to bring in bright colors while mixing up my patterns.

[watching where i walk...funny thing, right after this shot was snapped, i slipped right where i was looking :)] 

winter blues i don't think you'll be getting the best of me anytime soon but, don't take this as a challenge okay? good. glad we had this talk.

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