Friday, July 12, 2013

'round these parts

[the best breakfast burger of all time]
so far this summer has been a whirlwind blast. filled with tons to do between mini adventures with T, reconnecting with old friends and enjoying all the greats of summer. here's what we've been up to...

[T has officially become dwight with his mega desk]

[my dept has just moved into our new space.]

[lots of patio lounging]

[late night milk and cookies]

[enjoying one of our new favorites in the city]

[caipirinhas...perfect for summertime rooftop lounging]

[impromptu meeting with one of my girls from college!]

[pool parties galore]

[our perfected mint-infused simple syrup for some of the best mojitos]

[the best car ride ever]

[scoots is back!]

[snapping the cutest candid photo of all time]

[all the boys reunited while Brian was in town for the 4th]


  1. okay (a) that bacon thing looks amazing and (b) what's that desk? like a sit/stand kinda thing? do you have a link? hope you're good...maybe see you in prague one of these days?

  2. hello! yes, it was amazing and the desk is called a versa desk. you can raise or lower it depending on whether you stand or sit. just check out thanks for stopping by and prague is on our list to visit!!


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