Wednesday, June 19, 2013


[ferris wheels lit at night]
this past weekend was such a blast for T and i. we had happy hour with friends, a girly manicure day (for me, not for T) and blues and bbq. sunday, we planned to finish such a great weekend with a local outdoor concert at the park, when our dryer decided to break. fortunately, it's going to get repaired this week but, in the meantime, T and i had to take our (boat load of) laundry to a nearby laundromat. as much of a pain we thought it may be, we ended up having a blast waiting. it was one of those little moments where we got to learn something new about each other like: waiting at a laundromat is way easier when you are snacking on caramel, T loves to make up backstories to anyone he doesn't know (most are extremely goofy) and, when i was little, i thought the dryer section of a laundromat was fun. so, it turned out to be not too terrible in the end...we walked away with all our laundry done and still had time to grill out later that night.     
have a great hump day everyone!

[homemade pizza margherita]

[patches of sweet little flowers while on a run]

[tasting T and i's two favorite sodas growing up]

[steak rolls]

[fresh watermelon by the pool]

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