Wednesday, July 10, 2013


[the patio of the greatest inventions around]
a couple weeks back, my friends and i were getting together for dinner and thought we would try out a local mexican restaurant, tres cantina. the thought of margaritas alone enticed us but we then learned about their patio pops - an instant hit with our group (yum). after looking over the menu, we all decided we would each get something different to share which was probably the best way to go since i ended up loving everything!


[i just love this piece]

[we can never take a photo without bursting into laughter...such goofs but, in the best kind of way.]
if you are feeling like trying mexican food that's a little out of the norm, make sure to trek out to tres. we absolutely loved it and i have a sneaking suspicion we will be back real soon.
**this is not a sponsored post**

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