Wednesday, July 15, 2015

new to me: urbanagrarian

there are times where i get frustrated not knowing my way around the okc area as well as my friends who are from there. and while i know that will come with time, it causes me to get lost quite often. however, sometimes getting lost means i stumble onto hidden gems :)

one of these moments happened several weeks ago where i got lost looking for a particular shop in the okc famers market. in the middle of getting lost, i stumbled upon urban agrarian, a local procurer of fresh produce and goods from nearby farms and ranches. such a great concept and a very happy accident indeed. 

[new issue of edible okc]

the staff: warm, friendly, and thrilled for others to support and patron their cause. the goods: delicious; lots of variety without sacrificing quality. me: thrilled beyond words a business like this is so well sustained by the community. as odd as it may sound, i couldn't have been happier to get lost. urban agrarian, keep up the dynamite work, and i'll be heading back up (on purpose) very soon!

[views of the farmers market]

[raw honey, a personal favorite]

[loaded up with goodies]

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