Friday, December 19, 2014

snips and snaps

[beautifully delicious soup]

christmas is just around the corner, can you feel it? T and i plan to get extra festive by seeing all the fun lights, whipping up edible gifts for loved ones, watching christmas movies, and gearing up to host christmas dinner for the first time! we are super excited and a teensy bit nervous...but, more excited than anything. if you have any advice or tidbits, please let us know!

[feeling extra snuggly]

[new favorite tea combo - loose leaf hibiscus and blood orange juice]

[nap time with my nephew]

[guys and gals photos at m&j's engagement party]

[a friend's snap of the first snowflakes]

[receiving the best cheer-up surprise from my bests]

[such a good pout]

[breaking in our fireplace with the gang]

[gals and guys + bruce, the pug]

[my mom and her grandpups]

[rainy mornings]

[champagne with champagne ice cubes]

[love him so]

[steve mcqueen never tasted so good]

[T's favorite gent store]

[the most delicious spread]

[my mom leads a very colorful life]

[lazy sundays keeping warm]

[feeling extra cute with my new studs]

[shopping for stocking stuffers]

[celebrating a graduation - congrats again anja!]

[tree glow]

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