Friday, December 5, 2014

travel bug: chicago

sorry for the break in posts, T and i went with my parents last week to visit family in chicago and since we've been back, have been a bit busy playing catch-up...but, i suppose that's what taking a week long vacation will do to ya! plus, the pups have been nothing short of expressive in their complaints about us not taking them with ;)

not only is chicago one of my favorite cities to visit but, i seriously adore spending time with my family up there. it was a great week filled with lots of amazing sights, sounds, people, and food. so, without further ado, enjoy!

the eats...

[the infamous onion brick]

[these ribs were too good]

[respective cocktail hours above and below]

[pretzel bites - a new favorite for me]

[delicious dim sum in chinatown]

[deep dish pizza because...wait, do you need a reason?]

[wine, pasta, and dessert (below)]

[great taco combos]

[new favorites in donut combos]

on foot...

[cobblestone walkways]

[i just love grey days here]

[checking out old town]

chinatown markets]

[seeing my aunt's neighborhood]


[hanging downtown]

[love going on foot here]

[sunset-evening walks]

the extras...

[too many spices to count]

[my hunky mister]

[color the rainbow]

[arcade hall and bar, how awesome!]

[my grandparents' dog topper, he's quite the cuddle bug]

[street art]

[freshly made there any better smell?]

[staying warm while a little snow mix blows through]

[waiting for the el]

[my adorable parents]

[hello kitty snow beanie?! yes please!]

[starry night]

[new material night]

[family traditions]

[hanging in my dad's old haunt]

[quality time with my cute cousins]

[what a sweet face]

[the sweetest and sassiest of cousins]

[christmas time is now here!!]

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