Friday, January 23, 2015

home improvement

next up on our home improvement, T and i cracked into putting up our art wall and mirrors in the living room. we had a partial art wall in our old place but, felt like we could really run wild with it in our new home. so, we put on some jazz records, pulled each one out, and began to piece it together. i loved seeing our styles and history coming together with every brush stroke and flash of color. as i see it more and more, i find a new part to love every time. 

[boba loving the new setting too]

then, to add extra light and contrast to the art wall, T and i installed several hexagon mirrors. initially, i thought a beehive formation of the mirrors could be fun but, we instead went for a semi-molecular shape. don't ask why or how we got the idea but, so far, we love it. and may add more mirrors to it as we go in the near future :)

[my favorite little succulent container - taken from my wedding bouquet]

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