Friday, August 17, 2012


now for those who do not know, breakfast is quite easily my least favorite meal. and not because i dislike breakfast foods, quite the contrary - i love it, but i really dislike waking up so early (by early, i mean in the AM hours..they're all early in my book). hence why pancake saturday is one of my favorite breakfasts since T whips them up once i've woken up; which is hours after T's first breakfast ;)

however, several weeks ago i felt like i wanted to give a go at making pancakes and felt like this recipe via the rockstar diaries was just easy enough for my barely 'wake brain to make!

since i couldn't decide whether to have a strawberry or blueberry 'cake, we had both. equally yummy and equally easy to whip up. i mean who knows, i may just start taking over pancake saturdays! well, let's not get ahead of ourselves ;)



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