Wednesday, June 24, 2015

there and back again, a wedding's tale: two

[an auburn-themed hot rod]

[blue bagel, why can't you be closer?!]

the big day 

first up on the big day, breakfast. T and i walked over to auburn's campus corner to grab a bite and i had a mini love affair with my fresh bagel. seriously, i could go for a war eagle on an onion bagel any day! after, T and i ran the reception table cards up to the wedding planner and got a sneak peek of the events to come. picture gorgeous florals, various planners a buzz, a stunning bride getting ready, papa brookshire telling another great story, and sadie kate (jess and john's lab puppy) terrorized the staff on the reception grounds. as chaotic as having a puppy running around a mansion is, it made for adorably funny interruptions prior to the big event. 

[behind the scenes wedding prep]

the ceremony, heartfelt and tender. the reception, absolutely breathtaking. like the perfect sentence, it had a great beginning, middle, and end. we could not be more happy for two people to embark on such an amazing chapter in their lives and are so ecstatic we could be a part of it. 

[cocktail hour]

[hey whit!]

[my very hunky date]

[mama and papa brookshire ready to party]

[the spade's grand entrance, will & kate style]

[fast friends - i seriously wish we lived closer!]

[table dance moves from these two]

[T's new beefcake bud]

[sparkler and auburn fight chant send off]

the after party

after so much fun at the wedding, a big group from the bridal party met up at a local bar to keep the festivities going. lots of drinks, auburn fight chants sung, and original dance moves. between it and the after after hang in our hotel room, i was on cloud nine with sore abs from laughing so much. we may have also been told to keep it down a few times...whoops. reunions are never quiet or subdued, especially when the four of us get together :)

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