Friday, June 19, 2015

awesome and awkward

[my heart gave me a heart]

  • summertime is nearly here, and so comes custard season! plus, i finally found my favorite combo, vanilla custard and m&ms...i guess it's like they say, sometimes simple is best. 
  • recently, T and i have been re-watching (and loving) an old favorite, firefly. every time i get back into the story, the sadder i become that it only had one season. how can that be?! 
  • T: "i'm not trying to awkwardly keep looking at you, you just look really pretty". this was after i woke up from a nap...he's a keeper that one. 

  • over the weekend, i decided my skin needed a boost so i put on a face mask. innocent enough. however, i didn't say anything to T, so when i came back outside to sit next to him, all seemed fine. that is, until he turned and noticed my face was stark white (from the mask) and jumped...while trying to take a sip of coffee. thankfully, he didn't spill it on himself but, he nearly choked in the process from not recognizing me. it happened again a few minutes later when he didn't hear me in the house. he came in to grab something and i came around the corner from our dark bedroom and spooked him again. it's now known as my ghost face.
  • my brother recently moved in to his apartment, and, T and i came over to help...well, i made him dinner and brought it over. but, that's helping right?! meanwhile, T is helping tighten up his bed frame when i hear a shriek. to clarify, it was a manly shriek but, a shriek nonetheless. the cause? the boys found a spider. E, "ahh! kill it, kill it!". lots of stomping, then, quiet. T, "oh no! where'd it go?", then, E, "wait, i see it!", thud. T, "whew, that was close...hey babe, what's up?" if i didn't hear their terror in the other room. 

[a wave of purple puffs]

[san pascual, a gift from my 'rents' recent trip to mexico]

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