Monday, June 1, 2015

r&j supper club

i love when i get to cross things off my "hey, i wanna check that out" list. a couple weeks back, by happy accident, we crossed one off when we met up with friends at r&j supper club after a midday wedding. the wedding (which was lovely by the way) reunited T with several of his old high school buds who hadn't been altogether in years. so, once the wedding wound down, the guys got the idea to meet at a nearby bar to continue the fun.

walking in, i immediately fell in love with the 50s-60s styled cocktail lounge complete with flocked wallpaper, time-relevant music selections, and puckered leather seating. between it, and the killer amount of craft libations, i knew i'd love it. plus, given the fact that we were all dolled up, it really felt like we stepped into a time warp.
[that bowtie, <3]
one of my favorite cocktails was the harvey wallbanger (above), which i have to say, thoroughly impressed me that it was included since not many know of it! it also happens to be one of my favorite cakes so, i was really pleased the drink matched.


[one of the best manhattans i've ever had]

[funky bathroom wallpaper]

[i'm a sucker for funky matchboxes]

here's to more ventures up to sip more cocktails, lounge on their patio, and enjoy more of their classic tunes. cheers! 

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