Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a bit of new

within the past month, T and i have tried out several new (and new to us) places between our 'ventures in okc and tulsa. one of them led to the very first (and second) latte i've ever, ever liked, seeing my first burlesque show, cheering on mike in his proam race, and finding a perfect spot for a sweet day-date. 

after a 62 hour workweek, i felt the best way to toast to its end was by checking out chick n beer with m+j. normally, i'd want to hang in with a good movie marathon and take out, but for whatever reason, i felt like switching it up. boy, am i glad i did! i had finally found my favorite wings. also their pickled cucumbers were the perfect way to counter any kick from the wings themselves.

[all the things]

we wrapped up the night by walking over to guernsey park to enjoy their happy hour sushi and cocktails. 


on our most recent trip to tulsa, T and i got together with our t-town gang for a respective girls/guys night out. after dinner, us gals walked over to she theatre to see their burlesque show. it was my first time to see a show in person, and holy cow, the performers were crazy talented...especially the aerialist. i know it's the goal, but she really did make it look so easy. 

[love these girls]

later that night, we checked out the unicorn club. you heard me right. it's a club themed around the spectacularly awesome, unicorn. they practically took a page out of '90s lisa frank school supplies between the glittery decor, unicorn murals, cotton candy drink garnishes, and generally adorable atmostphere. it had my middle school self squealing with glee. 

[margaritas with sugar rims and lime cotton candy]

[daytime happy hour at guernsey park with chicken lollipops - yum]

[mini evergreen tree]

now, i'm not exactly a big fan of coffee so, you can imagine my surprise when i found not only one, but two coffee drinks i actually like. the first, came from the phoenix in the form of their lavender latte. and the second, came from crimson & whipped cream in the form of their peppermint and vanilla latte (above). 

last weekend, T and i got to take a peek at mike's pro am race in downtown okc. we were so excited to see him out there, and get to cheer him on with each lap. quite literally, he was awesome :)

[go mike, go!]

[post-race bro-time]


after enjoying their food truck pizza slices in the past, T and i were so excited to show support for hall's pizza kitchen, and their newly opened brick and mortar. everything about it was exactly what i'd been looking for in pizza locales in the metro area. the restaurant was perfectly nestled in one of my favorite areas in the city, the service was attentive and personable, and the food...oh man, i am a big fan of their pizza and cookies. 

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