Friday, May 27, 2016

owen's warriors

last saturday, we had the pleasure of supporting our friends at the cystic fibrosis walk. for those who aren't familiar, cf is a progressive, genetic disease that causes a thick, buildup of mucus in the lungs, pancreas, and other organs. unfortunately there is no cure, but with further research and funding, new treatments in care can be developed. this leading to the ultimate goal of finding a cure one day. 

some time after our friends (matt and julia) had their darling babe, they found out he had cf. the news was hard to take, but these two knew they had to pull together with the support of their family and friends to help their son. T and i didn't initially know very much about the disease, but have been learning along the way to help support our friends as best we can. 

when they told us about the upcoming great strides event, we were all too happy to come out for this family. i mean, a day to raise funds, bring awareness, and make that handsome baby boy smile? sign me up!

[wonder webbs for owen's warriors]

[happiest baby i've ever, ever seen]

[getting pumped up for the walk]

the walk itself was held in tulsa at centennial park just outside of downtown tulsa surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and greenery. thankfully, the sporadic showers cleared up for some humid, but classic spring weather. perfect for a walk if you ask me. 

[matt and julia for owen's warriors]

[team owen's warriors (above and below)]

through our efforts, our team was 3rd highest in raising funds and well surpassed our goal. and that is a really great start. here's to progress in fighting for a better future with cf and to the cutest little guy around. 

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