Monday, November 21, 2016

weekend guest

a couple of weekends ago, my aunt theresa came up for a visit. i was ecstatic the first time she came to stay with us, but the thought of her coming up again had me bouncing off the walls with excitement. truth be told, this will look more like a food diary, but if you think about it, most great visits are. 

thursday - aunt theresa arrived just after T and i got off work. so, we felt it was fitting to stick with something on the lighter side since we were all pretty worn from the day. so, goat cheese and sausage pizza with red wine seemed just right. 

[chicken ragu with basil from the garden]

friday - while T and i were at work during the day, aunt theresa explored at bit of okc from some of our recommendations. when we got back, i thought one of T's favorite recipes was the perfect way to officially kick off our weekend altogether. we stayed up into the wee hours of the night sipping wine and talking.

saturday - since our last visit included a stop at junction coffee, we thought it would be the perfect mini tradition to continue. plus, T hadn't been yet, and how can you resist such a great concept? then, we felt a little farmer's market action was in store before heading back for a bit of tailgating.

[succulents and wine tastings]

once we had our fill of funky shops, we had lunch on campus, and checked out the game (we won!). several of our friends who were out watching the game stopped by to say hey, and get to meet/reconnect with aunt theresa. i really do love how much everyone loves her like we do :)

later that night, T's parents (and our nephew) came over for fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, collard greens, and honey biscuits. thanks to my auntie, i am slowly getting the hang of making my own greens. plus, it was T's dad's first time to have soul food and he was a huge kind of made my day. 

[boba supervising the head chef]

sunday - feeling a little in the mood for a day in, T made his infamous french toast, and we settled in for a luke cage marathon. with some of my chicken noodle soup, it was the best way to savor our last day with aunt theresa in town. 


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