Monday, November 7, 2016

to grandparents' house we go (part one)

a few weeks back, T and i flew out to visit my grandparents for a long weekend away to the atlanta area. it was a great mix of down time and dynamite plans. this go around, my grandparents had quite the itinerary for us, starting with making my childhood self squeal with glee by meeting an heard me right, an otter

[couldn't help but snap this was just so sweet of this mom and son]

[i shall name him squishy and he shall be mine]

first up, i made quick friends with a penguin at the georgia aqaurium who i'm very positive thought my finger may have been a treat...or at the very least a fun toy. but, it did entertain a group of elementary school kids :)

then, the moment i'd been waiting for, meeting the sea otters! the marine biologists couldn't have been more friendly, sweet, and knowledgeable. i don't think i've tried so hard not to jump up and down with excitement as much as i did during their speech. 

i honestly couldn't contain my expressions when meeting both otters. although, i will say, cruz may have stolen my heart. he was just so cute and talkative. 

after meeting, feeding, and interacting with the otters, our guides invited T and my grandma back to say hello. i couldn't believe our luck! they were so sweet to indulge us, and i of course loved another opportunity to hang otter-side. 


[centennial olympic park]

after we wrapped up our tour at the aquarium, we were famished. so, we made our way through centennial park to ted's for a rest and a seriously indulgent burger. 

[best bison burger, ever]

that evening, we stayed in at my grandparents' home as we were plum exhausted from the flight in the night before. with gorgeous fall views, delicious food, and great company, it was a wonderful way to kick off the events to come.

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