Friday, November 11, 2016

chihuly at night

[hey pup]

for our next 'venture, my grandparents got T and i tickets for chihuly at night in the atlanta botanical gardens. T and i love exploring botanical gardens and chihuly's art work, so we were really excited to see this collection of his works. 

my grandparents recommended we get there before sunset so we could view the pieces during the day and night. many of his works look completely different with and without light, so we grabbed ourselves a cocktail, bundled up, and set out to explore. 

one of our favorite moments was checking out the orchid garden. orchids happen to be one of my favorite flowers so, i was excited to see what varieties they'd have, and boy, was i stunned. i couldn't get over how beautiful and unique each flower was. 

[aerial tree roots]

there were several pieces i fell in love with during the day, and several that i found uninteresting. then, after the sun set, it completely flipped! the pieces i found uninteresting suddenly came to life, and the ones i loved in daylight weren't as interesting. 

[the unicorn formerly known as prince]

[T pretending he's in jurassic park]

[T and i's collective favorite]

["those are jurassic park trees" - T]

afterwards, we met up with my grandparents for dinner at their favorite tapas restaurant. between the killer food + cocktails, the uber talented band playing, the day of the dead decor, and getting to salsa dance with my grandpa, it was an amazing night. 

happy fri-yay!

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