Friday, November 18, 2016

on the road

there's something about setting out on the open road that just calls to me. i love the thrill of finding something unexpected whether it's delicious local faire, interesting people, or beautiful sights. a great road trip usually involves all three at some point. or, at the very least, if none are present, a good story. 

our trek out to the ouachitas provided some of my favorite views driving to our campsite and coming back home. plus, there is just something about blasting your favorite tunes with the windows open while on the road. T and i's recent favorite has been avett brothers pandora station :)

[hey boba and solo!]

[pit stop (above and below) to stretch our legs]

[getting closer]

[monarch photo bomb]

we drove further and further up into the mountains before we started to see little peeks of the views to come. then, we finally came to a clearing where we could pull over and take it all in. it was awesome, and more than exceeded every recommendation made.

[heading back home]

coming back through on our way home, we made a few pit stops to see the opposite side of the ridge. it was stunning to watch the rain wall slowly sweep over the other mountains. 

[natural eye candy]

[my gang]

[already missing those roads]

until next time!

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