Friday, March 10, 2017

adventures in pasta making

after trying out pasta making by hand (and finding out how hard/exhausting it was), i'd been keeping my eyes out for a pasta maker of my own. then, my darling 'rents gifted me one with three types of pasta attachments, and three ravioli shapes. i actually squealed when i saw it. 

on a serious note, i have a lot of respect/admiration for anyone who can flatten their own pasta dough by hand. it really was way harder than i thought (insert shocked face emoji here). 

[gorgeous pasta sheets]

this may make me sound super old/adult, but i couldn't have been happier watching my dough become pasta sheets and then linguine noodles. even T had fun making it!

[carbonara cooking away]

to christen my pasta maker, i had to whip up an extra indulgent dish...insert the pioneer woman's 'pastor ryan' pasta carbonara. to set the tone, picture a dish that has a divine mix of butter, egg, bacon, wine, and garlic cloves. i'm drooling just thinking about it!

[pasta and cocktails]


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