Friday, March 17, 2017


last week, several 'maids and friends got together for alex's bachelorette weekend away! we kicked off our plans with a road trip up to tulsa for the night. for our first night, we had to kick things off on the right foot. so, once the gals got in, we went to have mexican food + margies while we took in rooftop views of downtown t-town. 

[sporting our bach rings]

[yum and yass]

after dinner, we glammed up hit the bars with our wiggin' out theme (read: sport your most colorful/awesome wig you can find). i'd be lying if i said it wasn't a magnet for strangers to either compliment our theme or stare intensely. bonus, because of our accessory choices for the bride, she ended up looking like an adorable elton john. 

[tiki bar (above) and scorpion bowls for the win (below)]

[main stop, drag show and dance party because, reasons]

[group photo]

[an indulgent brunch]

the next day, we enjoyed a delicious brunch (think all the savory and sweet menu options chosen, including loads of cookies), packed up our goodies, and headed on to our next 'venture...a day at the spa. it was the most relaxing, and restorative, experience that had us all wishing it wouldn't end.   

[spa cocktails]

later, we trekked out to grand lake to hole up at the lake house for the remainder of the weekend. after decorating, we put on the bride's lingerie shower, and bra pong. 

[pinterest for the win]

[extra large cinnamon rolls - who can resist?]

the next day, we snacked on seriously delicious foods and had a chick flick marathon while it rained and snowed outside. ...the weather couldn't have been more odd, but we took advantage of the excuse to hang in :)

[pretty views]

after having our fill of movies, the booze olympics games began! amanda (my fellow co-moh) and i selected several games for each team to compete in. all of them led to more and more hilarious results, and were even better than i'd hoped for. 

[gold, silver, and bronze prizes for the olympics]

[champs racing]

[junk in the trunk]

[our gold, bronze, and silver place teams]

we spent the remainder of the night playing more drinking games and chick flicks. it was awesome. 

then, our fun trip sadly came to an end. but, it was the perfect way to countdown to the upcoming nuptials...only 48 days to go!

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