Wednesday, March 15, 2017

in between

[beer menu for opening day of 405 brewery's taproom]

while our weather may not be springlike, our agenda has been! there have been so many great mini moments, i thought it was high time for an 'in between' post. hope you guys enjoy, and fingers crossed warmer temps are headed our way soon :)

[colorful meal prepping]

[grilling at dusk before bike gang 'ventures]

[the boys' first ice cream cone]

[my birthday surprise from my awesome co-workers]

[post-work sunset running]

[best's bachelorette prep]

[girls night over champs, sushi, and champs-themed candy]

[okie wedding reception for these two love doves; congrats again!]

[wedding brew and gifts]

[night out at the deli for my so called band]

[blu babes reunited again]

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